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Our campaigns seek to communicate the sustainable transport agenda to the media, politicians at the Scottish Parliament, local government, businesses and the general public, promoting the benefits of sustainable transport to all sectors of our society. To do this, we publish materials on a broad range of transport topics.

Below is a list of a few of our most recent publications.

However, we have published a large number of publications so please use the search facility on the right to help you find what you're looking for.

For information on travelling in Scotland see our Sustainable Travel Information page which includes details of transport operators in Scotland as well as providing some useful links for planning trips  within Scotland, and information on travel between Scotland and the rest of the world.

'Interchange' report
This report, published in September 2013, reports on the quality of links between Scottish public transport interchanges and cycling.

'Doing Their Duty?' report
This report,  published in  November 2013, sets out  whether Scotland's major public bodies are  doing enough to cut their emissions.

'The Value of Cycle Tourism' report
This report, published in June 2013, sets out the value of cycle tourism for the Scottish economy.

'On Track For Business' report
This report, published in October 2012, sets out the benefits of choosing rail over air in business travel between Edinburgh and London.

'Warning Signs' report
This report, published in September 2012, sets out whether or not Scotland is making progress towards sustainable transport.

'Delivering car clubs in Scotland' report
This report, published in September 2010 by the Transform Scotland Trust sets out how car clubs can be developed across Scotland.

'Civilising the Streets' report
This report, published in June 2010 by Sustrans Scotland and the Transform Scotland Trust, reviewed how cities across Europe managed to move to high levels of walking and cycling – and how Scotland could follow suit.

'Less Traffic' briefing
This briefing, published in October 2009, sets out the range of sustainable transport measures that need to be implemented if we are to see progress on delivering sustainable transport in Scotland.

'Towards a Healthier Economy' report
This report, published in November 2008, studied the links between transport and the economy. Amongst other things, the report concluded that a shift from Scottish to continental European levels of cycle use could deliver annual economic benefits of several billion pounds every year.

'The Railways Mean Business' report
The report found that the existing benefits of rail travel - reliability, better use of the working day, comfort, and low stress - far outweigh the assumption that shorter travel time equates to greater productivity.

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